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Company Settings

Mobile App Settings

These settings impact how employees use the Enterprise Number Capture (and Mass Messaging) application on their mobile phones.


These settings also appear within the mobile app, so the employee can set it up on his own. Specifying here overwrites the settings of the employee and it uses the company settings.

Configuration specified here will affect all users managed by this Admin. The disclaimer might include the link to a Terms and Conditions of the company or other privacy settings that explains the archiving process and more.

  • Off — Results in no policy enforcement
  • Always — The specified text is added to every message
  • First Message in Thread (recommended)— Every time that you open a new conversation, either in a group or one on one, it will be added at the end of the conversation
  • Daily — Every day it will be added to new conversations or current conversations

Mobile Messaging Limitations

Application Lock Enforcement

Message Self-Destruct Enforcement

Security Options

Global Address Book

Voice Calls

User Settings

These settings are default for all the employees.

  1. Log in to the admin portal as an administrator.
  2. Click Settings > Company Settings > User Settings.
  3. The following settings are displayed:
  • Company Name: As displayed in the employees contacts list.
  • Country’: The default country association. This is essential to determine the default country code to be added for outgoing messages. This setting can be changed by the admin.
  • Language: The default language of the web interface. This setting can be changed by the admin.
  • Time Zone: The default time zone in which messages are displayed in the admin portal and forwarded on for daily archiving (Midnight to 3 AM default). This setting can be changed by the admin.
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