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Mobile archiving for schools

• Archive SMS and WhatsApp chats across all devices, ownership models, OS and carrier

• Comply with the multitude of archiving requirements for electronic communication

• Keep child privacy secure while ensuring secure messaging

• Proactive monitoring of mobile communication with students

• Store mobile communication in any archiving platform: Cloud or On-premises

U.S. Department of Education

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Protects the privacy of student education records

You may send sensitive information via SMS but only if the user has been presented with the risks and expressly consented.

“…  you must be sure that you are texting with a secure, FERPA-compliant system…”

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment


Schools must get consent from parents before asking children about specific personal information

Ensure SMS systems can quickly send consent forms to parents.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Sending of communications regarding non-school-related information must comply with general texting consent provisions

Organizations including government-funded schools are restricted to use text messaging and automated calls to deliver information to their constituents around the area unless they obtain explicit permission (opt-in) of the owner of the phone number.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

Good practice requires auditing a digital property as it relates to children’s privacy, parental notice and consent, and best practices for safer online communities.

Parental consent is required before students may freely message

Watch this video for an overview of our Government sector mobile public record archiving solutions:

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The TeleMessage Government Sector Public Records Archiving DataSheet

We’ll show you how to archive BYOD and Corporate phones!

Additional relevant digital privacy protection statutes:

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