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Text Message Archiving Methods

Meet your compliance & regulatory needs with 100% SMS archiving, monitoring and analysis and learn how to archive text messages.

Are you looking to start archiving your organization’s text message communications?

TeleMessage offers a number of different ways of how to archive SMS and archive text messages based on your requirements.

Option 1: Enterprise Number Archiver 

  • “One Device, Two Numbers”
  • TeleMessage will provide the Company Admin a pool of enterprise numbers
  • Admin will create user profiles via the TeleMessage web interface
  • Each user created will be allocated an enterprise number that is drawn from the main pool
  • This number will be used as the primary identification of the user
  • Other employees and customers can call or send and archive SMS/MMS messages to this number (outgoing MMS messages will be sent as a standard SMS message with a link)
  • Chat securely using the TeleMessage Enterprise App for iOS & Android
  • Send text, voice, images, audio, video, documents & location
  • Individual chats, chat groups and broadcast lists
  • Track delivery status and read confirmations
  • Supports BYOD devices and company-owned phones
  • Archive text messages seamlessly



Option 2: Android Archiver: Archive SMS Android

  • Use the native Android messaging app and native Android dialer while the android archiver agent will capture and archive all text messages, call logs and call recordings.
  • Employee can archive SMS Android text messages and send SMS/MMS messages regularly
  • SMS/MMS app on phone forwards a copy of text message archives to the TeleMessage server for archiving
  • Optional: TeleMessage forwards a copy of android archive text messages to centralized archive of the enterprise customer


Option 3: WhatsApp Archiver

  • Archive WhatsApp text, chats, images, files and deleted messages
  • Works from WhatsApp on your Mobile App and from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop
  • The WhatsApp Archiver captures a copy of all WhatsApp chats and calls on employee’s phone and forwards a copy of messages to the TeleMessage server for archiving


Option 4: Network Archiver

  • Each mobile carrier is provisioned to archive SMS/MMS messages for Enterprise only (no BYOD) phones on their network
  • TeleMessage collects copy of SMS/MMS messages of company employees from all mobile carrier(s) and stores them centrally
  • Optional: TeleMessage forwards a copy of archived text messages to centralized archive of the enterprise customer to text message archive them


The TeleMessage Administration Web Portal provides the ability for administrators to manage and activate all TeleMessage app users and report on their messages and to answer users’ questions on how to archive text messages.

All iPhone and Android archive text messages are identified, collected and archived in a format that is easily accessible, allowing companies to establish meaningful internal compliance policies regarding mobile devices and to meet compliance mandates from all relevant regulatory bodies. Text message archives are searchable online or downloadable in zipped text files for import into internal systems.

Alternatively, messages can be stored in customers’ own internal archiving systems:

Message archives can be generated in the TeleMessage Administration Web Portal, downloaded as zipped text files and imported into existing enterprise archiving systems.
TeleMessage Reporting APIs allow enterprises to run archive reports from their existing archiving solution and import the archives into their existing archives.
The TeleMessage system can use the enterprise’s existing archiving system’s APIs to call the existing system and securely transfer the archives to it automatically.



Ensure messages made to and from the Virtual Number are in support of HIPAA, SOX, SEC, GLB and the Dodd-Frank Act. Archive text messages, (SMS) and MMS by recording, capturing and securely storing in our fully-compliant, military-grade, SSAE-16 / FIPS-140-2 compliant servers. Data can be stored online and offline up to 7 years. Comply with archive text messages and archive sms requirements and easily learn how to archive text messages.

Security Audits

For a successful security audit strategy, TeleMessage offers audit trails and audit logs that offer a back-end view of system use to record key activities, showing system threads of access, modifications, and transactions for compliance & regulatory, legal, security, and forensic purposes.

Separate App for Business and Personal Messages

Employees can confidently communicate with colleagues, partners and clients knowing that their personal communications remain private. Businesses have assurance that corporate assets, intellectual property and client contacts are protected.

Flexible Deployment

Deployed as SaaS or on-premise, customer-hosted environment, TeleMessage operates securely within a variety of enterprise MDM/EMM environments. Proprietary APIs facilitate rapid integration with enterprise systems such as archival/recording platforms.

E-Discovery & Supervision

All text messages are identified, collected, and archived in a format that is easily accessible, allowing companies to establish meaningful internal compliance policies regarding mobile devices and to meet compliance mandates from all relevant regulatory bodies. Effectively comply with SEC text message archiving requirements.

Trends & Reporting

Track usage trends with our report creation tools and search message metadata such as time sent, read/not read, message expiration status, and more.


Archive SMS and Text Messages with the TeleMessage Archiving Product Solution Set:

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