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Mobile archiving for Hong Kong financial companies

Comply with the SFC regulatory requirements for electronic communication capture, storage and monitoring

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)

 SFC’s guidance on capture of voice calls, instant messaging and other mobile communications includes: Centralized record-keeping; Security and reliability; and compliance monitoring. SFC also enforces regulations that oblige financial companies to record mobile messages, and capture voice calls, and other types of mobile communication.

Read our extensive coverage of SFC here , and the full SFC Keeping of Records Rules here

SFC key controls and procedures for Receiving Client Orders through Instant Messaging

receipt of client orders through instant messaging (IM) store and back-up order messages … put in place written policies and procedures for the use of IM applications … make sure clients understand the potential risks of placing orders through IM applications.”

Read of the full text from the Instant Messaging (IM) Application Circular here

WeChat and WhatsApp requirements for enabling compliant business communication

“As work-from-home arrangements are activated … employees … turned to personal messaging applications (e.g. WhatsApp and WeChat) in order to discuss business issues with their regular bank contactsall business communication … all business communication histories
can be recorded for audit and compliance purposes … ensuring banks’ compliance with regulatory reporting and other regulatory requirements.”

Hong Kong Monetary Authority SFC Market Watch key developments in mobile communication regulation due to Covid-19 here

Record and Archive WeChat and WhatsApp Chats and Calls

with the TeleMessage WhatsApp Capture and TeleMessage WeChat Capture

Learn more about our mobile communication archiving products or schedule a call or demo.

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About how TeleMessage keeps you secure

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The TeleMessage Financial Services DataSheet

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We’ll show you how to archive BYOD and Corporate phones!

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About TeleMessage’s GDPR Compliance

Our platform allows for compliant enterprise-wide archiving solutions for financial services:

Meet the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Regulations and Standards

Store all mobile communication of traders in the company enterprise archive

Comply with Mobile Recording Compliance

Meet the SFC (Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong) Records Rules

Supports requirements for improved identification controls

Facilitate investigations in market abuse cases

Support other regulations such as: MAS and SGX , FINRA, SEC, MFA

Follow the best practices for trade surveillance operations

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