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Store and Archive Mobile Communication with Email

Keep your emails, mobile text messages and call recordings in a single storage archive

• Seamless integration with existing archiving solutions for storage of mobile messages
• Search by email, phone number, device type, name, content & more
• Find, sort, verify & export information by approved personnel
• Seamless deposit to any Cloud/On-premises archiving vendor
• Search across SMS/MMS messages, call logs and voice calls
• Get mobile communication from WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram and Signal apps converted to an email
• Centralized storage of messages & related metadata
• Leverage Existing Investments and Simplify Workflows
• Full audit & retrieval capabilities

TeleMessage enables organizations and enterprises to better manage their mobile communications!

Compliance and governance over all message types
All messages including mobile communication are indexed and ready for search and retrieval
Utilizing existing rule triggers, policies, workflows and display
Simplified training
Unified report making
Seamless integration within existing software
End to End secured delivery – from mobile device to your archiving system
Choose your preferred storage location – On-premises or Cloud
Injestion of mobile messages as part of company email and electronic message journaling
Segregation of messages by location, department, or individual employee
Get mobile messages as a realtime ingest, or as threaded communication once every 24 hours

Real time ingest .vs. Threaded conversations

TeleMessage can convert your mobile communication into an email in two modes:
You can either get the mobile messages and calls delivered to your email in real time.
Or we can rebuild the mobile communication to look like the chats on mobile devices and delivered to your email once a day.

Real time stream

  • Each message sent individually

  • Each message comes from sender + recipient

  • Each message has a single type

Threaded messages queued for 24 hours

  • Messages are aggregated in threads

  • Display is similar to the mobile chat structure

  • Attachments are added to email

Individual messages

Sender and recipient, message type and content delivered in email headers

One-click detail drilldown for SMS/MMS and voice recording content review.

View mobile attachments like any other email attachment.

Filter devices by email or mobile messages using familiar archiving interfaces for all business governance requirements.

Find mobile messages and call recordings while searching for email and other employee interactions.

Intuitive Email-like interface for mobile messaging search and eDiscovery

Thread view sample

Messages queued for 24 hours and aggregated in threads

Similar to the mobile chat structure, attachments are added to email body

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