Learn Best Practices in the evolving mobile space

The Evolution of Businesses Mobile Messaging

This whitepaper discusses mobile messaging trends, best practices & challenges and how one can to integrate their organization’s existing IT systems with an enterprise mobile messaging application.

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10 Things to Check for in a Business Mobile Messaging Tool

So you’re ready to invest in a business mobile messaging tool, but how do you choose the right tool for your organization? We address issues such as security, administrative access, ease of use, reliability and more. Check out our handy checklist to help you make the right choice.

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Maintaining HIPAA Compliance in a Mobile World

The growing use of mobile devices in the healthcare industry makes HIPAA compliance more challenging and more important than ever. The purpose of this whitepaper is to discuss challenges to HIPAA in the context of the rapidly growing use of mobile messaging within the healthcare industry.

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10 Top Enterprise Security Best Practices

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Practices of Enterprise Security based on our own security policies and procedures implemented to safeguard sensitive customer information. These practices address dimensions of information security such as policy, process, people, and technology, all of which are necessary for deployment of a successful security process.

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TeleMessage Messaging Gateway Technical Overview

The purpose of this DTD ( Document Type Definition) is to define an application-level communication for the TeleMessage messaging services. It defines the structures being sent and received between the TeleMessage messaging server and the partner’s application server.

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The Growing Importance of Archiving Mobile Text Messages

Failure to archive content from mobile devices put organizations at risk of running afoul of their compliance obligations, it makes them unable to produce content in response to eDiscovery orders, it prevents all content from being placed on legal hold, and it does not allow the sharing of important business content from mobile users.

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