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State and Local Governmental Agencies

Secure and friendly mobile archiving is crucial for governmental units.

Administrators need to ensure that their organization comply with the full range of relevant local, state and federal legislation and regulations and adequately prepare for future retention and access requirements.

TeleMessage provides fully-compliant secure messaging archive solutions which meet governmental agencies requirements for electronic communication and public records request responses.

Our platform helps Governmental Agencies comply with the evolving rules & regulations

Learn about the 50 state text archiving requirements here.

Watch this video for an overview of our Government sector mobile public record archiving solutions:

Coordination of Federal Information Policy
Washington Public Records Act
Massachusetts SPR Bulletin No. 1-99
Ohio Public Records Act
Federal Information Security
Management Act
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Public Records & Open Meeting Act
California Public Records Act
Wisconsin Public Records Law
Oregon Public Records Laws

Maintain compliance, mitigate risk, and track and archive messages. Our offerings match the full range of requirements, budgets, communication setups and scalability paths.

Download the TeleMessage Government Sector Public Records Archiving Data Sheet

Public Records Acts


A variety of regulations in all 50 states require capturing and retaining mobile communications for Open Records and Sunshine requirements
“The responsibility to retain text records and comply with public records requests lies with the government organization that creates the records…”

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Freedom of Information Act


“FOIA…requires systematic archiving of government work-related personal mobile device conversations… text messages and e-mails sent between public officials can be considered public information

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Learn more about
Federal Governmental mobile archiving here.

CJIS Security Policy V5.7

For the 36 states adhering to the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy, TeleMessage offers compliant wireless networking, remote access, data encryption and multiple authentication methods.

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