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Seamlessly archive messages directly from the network

Direct Carrier Capture for Automatic Archiving

  • Messages are captured directly from the mobile carrier network and a copy is sent to the TeleMessage archive server
  • Activated only for Enterprise owned phones, not for BYOD devices
  • Works for Smartphones and Legacy phones
  • TeleMessage can collect copies of SMS/MMS messages of company employees from multiple mobile carriers and store them centrally
  • Voice call recording is supported on some carrier networks
  • No App necessary
  • Optional: TeleMessage can forward archived mobile messages to the enterprise archive to be stored with email

One-click detail drilldown for SMS/MMS and voice recording content review

Store your mobile messages and your email messages in a

unified archive

Seamlessly search for email  and mobile messages. Find mobile messages and calls while searching for email and other employee interactions.



We definitely give TeleMessage two-thumbs up! If you need a mobile messaging provider, you should be using TeleMessage.

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