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Mobile archiving for UK financial companies

Comply with regulatory agencies requirements for electronic communication

FCA SYSC 9.1 & 10A.1.6 &  COBS 11.8

(Recording telephone conversations and electronic communications)

Includes mobile compliance obligations of archiving electronic communications such as SMS messages, emails, social media posts, and chats with non-compliance subject to fines.
“[a firm must keep records] sufficient to enable the FCA to monitor the firm’s compliance”

FCA requires that Mobile communications and Phone calls carried out by regulated employees outside the office must be recorded and monitored

“The recording obligations apply to conversations and communications made with, sent from, or received on, equipment provided or permitted to be used for business purposes…Firms will need to ensure that, if such apps are used for in-scope activities on business devices, they are recorded and auditable.”

The need to record and monitor WhatsApp and other mobile and social media communication read here

WhatsApp requirements for enabling compliant business communication while working from home

With the recent developments in the legislation and new arrangements, concerning Covid-19, all relevant communications, including voice calls and WhatsApp conversations, should be recorded when working outside the office.

The requirement to record all voice calls and communication when working outside the office read here

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About TeleMessage’s GDPR Compliance

Our platform allows for compliant enterprise-wide archiving solutions for financial services:

Investment Advisers (UK):

MiFID II Article 3,  Policy Statement 17/14,

FCA Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Control (SYSC) Chapter 9 and general requirement 10A.1.6


FCA Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR)

And many other supported regulations

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