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WhatsApp Cloud Capture

Capture & Archive WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp App chats

Archive WhatsApp chats, multimedia, files and attachments

Works and captures communication from the regular WhatsApp App as well as for WhatsApp Business App
Works for iOS and Android devices
Doesn’t require any different application on your phone
No changes to your native WhatsApp application or encrypted communication
Captures & records WhatsApp calls, deletions and edited messages, and includes text and multimedia file attachments.
Uploads all WhatsApp communication to a centralized company archive
Archive includes message content, recepient numbers, employee email and other message metadata
Search, find & retrieve WhatsApp messages in the corporate archive
Automatic archiving operates in the background without any user intervention
End-to-End encryption from phone through corporate archive

Watch our WhatsApp Cloud Capture demonstration.



“We rely on TeleMessage for our mission-critical enterprise messaging requirements”

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