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Voice Recording Capabilities

Record and Archive Company Employee Mobile Calls

Voice Mail Recording:

  • Calls you make to vmails
  • And vmails left for you

Multiple Destinations:

  • Record Voice Calls to Different Systems
  • High Quality Recording for Speech-to-Text;  Lower Quality Recording for Archiving

Call Recording Configuration Options:

  • Text only, text + calls
  • Text + calls + call logs
  • Text + voice calls

Local and International:

  • Works both domestically and while roaming abroad
  • Local and international with call length and metadata

Multi-party Calls and Conferences :

  • Easily hook-up with co-workers and stakeholders
  • See who joined and left and when

Recording Incoming and Outgoing Calls:

  • Allows to share recorded files
  • Block calls from unwanted numbers
  • It automatically records all the incoming and outgoing calls

Comprehensive Administrative Toolset:

  • Allows to start or stop the call recorder in between calls
  • You can search for recordings via phone number, note or contact
  • You can select, delete, share or send multiple call recordings concurrently

Storage with Email:

  • Intuitive Email-like interface for mobile voice search and content review
  • Find mobile recordings while searching for email and other employee interactions.

WhatsApp and WeChat Call recordings:

  • Record voice calls and chats of Mobile IM apps
  •  WhatsApp, WeChat call recording of inbound, outbound, and group calls – including call parties and other call metadata.
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