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BELL Network Carrier Capture

Seamlessly capture and archive SMS and MMS text messages directly from the Bell network

Direct capture of text messages from the Bell mobile network

    • SMS and MMS messages are recorded directly from the Bell mobile network for company employees
    • TeleMessage can forward Bell mobile messages to any chosen enterprise archive
    • Bell text recording can be activated only for Enterprise owned phones, not for BYOD devices
    • Text message recording works for smartphones and regular feature phones
    • No App installation is necessary
    • Companies can store and retain mobile text messages On-prem or in the Cloud
    • Aggregate SMS and MMS messages from multiple mobile carriers into a central enterprise storage

How it Works

• Text messages are captured on the Bell Network

• A copy of the message is forwarded to TeleMessage

• TeleMessage archive router forwards the message to the company archive

• Messages are deleted from the TeleMessage archive router once archived


• Works for corporate-owned smartphones and regular feature phones

• Deposit messages and integrate with any email archive

• Search employees’ mobile communication in any on-prem or cloud storage

• End-to-end encryption from Bell network to enterprise archive

• Archive Bell SMS/MMS

SMS and MMS messages flow
from the Bell network to the company’s enterprise archive:

  • TeleMessage has a direct connection to the Bell network.
  • TeleMessage captures mobile communication for provisioned company employee phones at the network level.
  • Messages flow via the TeleMessage archive router and are forwarded to the company’s enterprise archive.
  • TeleMessage integrates with most of the leading enterprise archiving and compliance monitoring solutions.
  • Archive and record SMS and MMS messages from the Bell network.
  • All SMS and MMS messages are encrypted end-to-end from the mobile carrier, through to the company’s enterprise archive.
  • The message is deleted from the TeleMessage archive router when it gets a confirmation of the successful delivery of the message to the company’s enterprise archive.
  • TeleMessage  is not storing or archiving any customer communication! We only store the user details required to provision and activate the service. All archived messages merely flow through the TeleMessage Archive Router for delivery to the company’s enterprise archive.

    Watch the video below to see how you can archive your employee text messages with the Bell Network Carrier Capture

TeleMessage text archiving for Bell

  • Capture and retain corporate-owned phone communication; Record Bell SMS/MMS
  • Store with a variety of cloud or on-prem archiving vendors
  • Run search and eDiscovery based on recipients, content and other meta-data
  • Address compliance requirements: Full download and reports of mobile traffic
  • Combine Bell with text archiving from other carriers and channels


Use the Bell network text archiving solution when:

  • You have corporate-owned mobile phones on the Bell network
  • Your business needs to track and archive all communications with your partners, customers, patients, public etc.
  • Your employees use smartphones or regular feature phones
  • You do NOT want to install any application in order to archive communication
  • You require storage and access to SMS/MMS messages with other records and files including email
  • You need employee text messages stored in your on-prem or cloud enterprise archive
  • You need compliance with: IIROC Rules, Access to Information Act, & Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • Corporate governance requirements include the need to retain or archive of mobile text messages
  • You need to apply the following for SMS or MMS: monitoring, discovery, retention, legal hold, record management or surveillance purposes

TeleMessage Mobile Archiver

The TeleMessage Mobile Archiver effectively addresses compliance, regulatory, eDiscovery response requirements and reduces risk across a variety of industries. TeleMessage captures mobile content, including WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, Calls and Chats from corporate or BYOD mobile phones. Messages are securely and reliably retained within TeleMessage servers or forwarded to an archiving data storage vendor of your choice. With our eight archiving methods, you can always find the right tools or blend for your requirements. We are your one-stop shop for international, cross-carrier mobile text archiving.

Network Carrier Capture

Integrated with mobile carrier networks to get a copy of messages and calls directly from the operator network side and archive them. Read more

Android Capture

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Enterprise Number Capture

Provides employees with a business number associated with an App on their phone. Business communication is archived. Read more

Voice Call Capture

Record and archive your native mobile calls by routing all your incoming and outgoing calls via our server and receiving them on an app. Read more

WhatsApp Capture

Identical to regular WhatsApp, while capturing all WhatsApp calls, chats, attachments, files and deletions and uploading them to be archived. Read more

WeChat Capture

Identical to regular WeChat, while capturing all WeChat business chats, messages, multimedia and attachments and uploading them to be archived. Read more

Telegram Capture

Record and capture Telegram calls, texts, multimedia and files on corporate-issued and employee BYOD phones. Read more

Signal Capture

Record and capture Signal communications on corporate-issued and employee BYOD phones. Read more

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