Administrator Tools

The administrator interface is where you can manage your company wide settings, policy and contacts. Administrators can configure and update user and message setting, add users, suspend or delete users, enforce security policies such as time-limited messaging, remote wipe and PIN code enforcement, purchase message credits, upgrade subscription accounts, and track usage and generate reports.

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Web Portal

TeleMessage is much more than just an app. Our web interface lets you send push notifications to other users with the app, SMS, voice, fax & bulk email messages from any PC. Track your usage and message delivery status, adjust your preferences, manage your contacts, and purchase message credits from within the web interface.

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Mobile Apps

TeleMessage is with you on the go! Send secure messages to colleagues, partners, and friends. In this tutorial we show you how to set your message notification preferences, start a group chart, and send files including photos & videos, configure your SMS fallback settings, and more.

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Outlook Plug-In


Haven’t you ever wished that sending messages from your phone could be as easy as sending an email? With the Outlook Plug-In, sending a text message to a mobile device is exactly like sending an email. Our Outlook Plug-In seamlessly integrates with your email, and local or exchange contacts and groups, so you can send text messages from within Outlook. After working with a real keyboard, and a regular sized screen, – you won’t even want to text from your phone again.

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