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About us

TeleMessage is transforming business mobile messaging with its messaging solutions which include the following TeleMessage product lines:

Mobile Archiver – effectively addresses mobile phone text and call archiving for compliance, regulatory and eDiscovery response requirements. It reduces risk across a variety of industries, capturing mobile content from BYOD and corporate phones; Enabling firms to capture and archive employee mobile communication: SMS, MMS, Voice calls, as well as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, and Signal app chats and calls.

Secure Enterprise Messaging – enables secure enterprise chat for co-workers by using user-friendly mobile apps and a range of APIs that connect to any operational IT system.

Mass Messaging – provides tools to deliver multi and omni-channel bulk messaging across: SMS, MMS, Voice calls, Faxes, Email, and Mobile Apps.

Providing Mobile Messaging Solutions

TeleMessage has been providing state-of-the-art messaging solutions On-premises and in the Cloud for over 20 years. Our software has been successfully deployed and used by thousands of enterprises, trusted by dozens of telecom operators, reaching hundreds of millions of users and powering billions of messages through customers’ networks. We support an ever-growing number of enterprises, including telecom carriers, government agencies, and leading brands across a range of industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others.

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