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Mobile archiving for UAE commodity trading and financial companies

Comply with regulatory agencies requirements for electronic communication archiving

Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX)

Phone calls … are conducted over recorded phone lines, as required by relevant regulatory requirements … the recording and monitoring of your communication with DGCX.”

Read the full DGCX Regulations here

Dubai Financial Services Authority – (DFSA)

“…contains many record-keeping requirements for financial institutions in DIFC, and for “Person(s), other than an Authorized Market Institution, who hold a License”… “retain recordings of its “voice and electronic communications with a Client”

Read more about DFSA Rulebook here

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

“…the Regulatory Authority will require regulated companies and institutions to submit pertinent aspects of …sensitive and material information pertaining to their clients.”

Read about the ADGM regulations here.

Securities and Commodities Authority – (SCA)

“Responsible for regulating financial markets in UAE, including the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX)​​”… “Any phone calls to SCA or DGCX  are conducted over recorded phone lines, as required by relevant regulatory requirements.​”

Read about the SCA Regulations here

Learn more about our archiving solution here and our reporting here.

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About how TeleMessage keeps you secure

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The TeleMessage Financial Services DataSheet

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We’ll show you how to archive BYOD and Corporate phones!

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About TeleMessage’s GDPR Compliance

Our platform allows for compliant enterprise-wide archiving solutions for financial services:

Meet the DGCX Regulations requirements & Market Practices

Store all mobile communication of traders in the company enterprise archive

Comply with Mobile Recording Compliance

Meet the DFSA Regulations and Governance to avoid unnecessary regulatory burdens.

Supports requirements for improved identification controls

Facilitate investigations in market abuse cases

Supports DGCX and DFSA  best practices for trade surveillance operations

Learn about our Governmental Sector solution here.

Learn more about EU Financial Sector coverage here.

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