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WhatsApp Capture

Capture messages and attachments

Archive WhatsApp activity

  • Archive WhatsApp communication for iOS and Android devices
  • Uses standard WhatsApp interface and encryption
  • Works from Mobile App, WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop
  • Use the native WhatsApp interface and encrypted communication with other users
  • Captures & records WhatsApp calls, deletions, edited messages, and includes text and multimedia file attachments.
  • WhatsApp communication is uploaded to the company enterprise archive
  • Archived WhatsApp messages and calls stored with all content, employee email and other message metadata
  • Search, find & retrieve WhatsApp calls, messages and deletions in the corporate archive
  • Complete separation between private and business texts on BYOD devices
  • Automatic archiving operates in the background without any user intervention
  • End-to-End encryption from phone through corporate archive



“We rely on TeleMessage for our mission-critical enterprise messaging requirements”

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