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Archiving WhatsApp Group and Conference Calls

WhatsApp supports receiving and initiating voice and video calls with several participants, through group calls and/or adding additional participants in 1:1 call which will automatically convert into a conference call. … Read more

WhatsApp Phone Capture Supported Features

The following table depicts WhatsApp Phone Capture features and capabilities as per operating system, with explanatory comment as required. The benefits of using our WhatsApp Capture include:  Communicate using the … Read more

Avoiding WhatsApp PIN Activation Issues on iOS devices

iPhone users are more commonly reporting issues of non-reception of the OTP PIN activation code. (some examples): macOSX, howtoisolve, geekinstructor, digitbin, reddit, My iphone support , Trevor Nace ). This problem lies between Meta/WhatsApp and Apple/iPhone makers. The … Read more

WhatsApp 6-digit activation iPhone code non-reception

Multiple reasons exist that may affect the delivery of OTPs to iOS devices. Many iPhone users have been facing this issue. (some examples: macOSX, howtoisolve, geekinstructor, digitbin, reddit, My iphone support , Trevor Nace ). TeleMessage is dedicated to ... Read more

Archiving WhatsApp Channels

The TeleMessage WhatsApp Phone Capture archives the new WhatsApp channels feature, as new events.The actual messages exchanged in the channel are not recorded. But you can track if your employees ... Read more
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