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Congratulations, your account is all set!

The attached spreadsheet contains a list of your WhatsApp Cloud Capture users.

Beginning tomorrow you will receive a daily email from TeleMessage Cloud Archiver no-reply@telemessage.com

It will contain a list of all your native users. The message will contain an HTML attachment like the one below.

This document contains the name, WhatsApp phone number, email address and activation link for each inactive user. Each URL is unique for the registered number. Click the “Send email to user” link in the “Quick Action” column it will automatically generate an email to the associated user containing their activation link and instructions.

If this is your user’s first installation of the mobile WhatsApp or WhatsApp for business app:
1. Please make sure they exchange a few messages with others before connecting to the WhatsApp Cloud Capture.
2. It is advised not to immediately start opening new groups and broadcast lists after connecting to the WhatsApp Cloud Capture.

The above is to avoid Meta flagging the account as a spam account and to prevent the account from being banned

Let us know if you have any questions.

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