Archiving WhatsApp Group and Conference Calls

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WhatsApp supports receiving and initiating voice and video calls with several participants, through group calls and/or adding additional participants in 1:1 call which will automatically convert into a conference call. The WhatsApp Phone Capture archives such calls with the full list of participants in the archive body “TO (recipients list)”.

To establish a group call on Android:

Click the video or voice icon from within the group:

and then confirm by clicking Call group

To establish a conference call on Android:

While engaged in a 1:1 call, click the add participant icon:

and the subsequent + Add to call

resulting in a conference call:

The archive body “TO (recipients list)” contains the full list of call receivers.

WhatsApp voice call archives:

WhatsApp video call archives:


  1. If the archiving user leaves and re-joins the same call, the second part of the call (after re-joining) won’t be recorded and noted in the call logs.
  2. If one of the non-archiving participants leaves and re-joins the call – it won’t be shown in the archive.
  3. If some of the group/conference participants ignore group/conference call they still appear in recipients list.

[In upcoming versions we will implement the full list of recipients in the TO.]

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