Preventing Wrongful Flagging of WhatsApp Activity

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Preventing Wrongful Flagging of WhatsApp Activity

During the onboarding process, employees’ devices are used for testing the app. Sometimes, Meta servers flag some test actions as suspicious behavior resulting in employees being blocked out of WhatsApp Phone Capture.
Here are some suggestions to prevent employees from being wrongly flagged by Meta during app testing.

Frequent number changes is the most common reason for Meta to flag an account. Smarsh suggests that employees do not change their numbers frequently.

  • Violations That Can Result in Flagging
  • Common Scenarios and Workarounds
  • Preventing WhatsApp Capture Chats from Being Flagged
  • Managing Flagges/Banned Account

Violations That Can Result in Flagging

  • Unmitigated group creation and broadcasts: If a new account begins creating groups and broadcasts immediately after signing in, the account can be flagged. We recommend using the app for 1:1 conversations for at least a day before creating groups and broadcasts.
    Refrain from sending broadcast messages to people not in your contact list.
  • Unwanted communication:
  • Messages sent to a broadcast list are only received when the receivers have added your phone number to their contact list. Frequently sending broadcast messages may lead to people reporting your messages, resulting in Meta flagging your number.
  • Ensure to ask permission from contacts before adding them to a group. If they ask you to not message them, remove their contact from your address book and refrain from messaging them again.
  • It is recommended that you send messages to only those who have contacted you first or have requested you to contact them on WhatsApp.
  • Forwarding messages: Meta limits the number of times a message can be forwarded. If you are not sure of the credibility of the message before forwarding. Meta can flag your number for forwarding false messages.

Common Scenarios and Workarounds

Here are some of the common scenarios that can result in an account being flagged and suggested workarounds:

Messages are sent to strangers using a broadcast list or by adding strangers to a groupSend an invitation to a group instead of adding the contacts or send your QR to people to add you as a contact.
The same message is sent to multiple people even if they are saved in your contact list.Send a broadcast message to members in your contact list.
The same message is forwarded multiple timesCopy and paste the content.
You are sending lots of messages, but are receiving a very small number of messages.Give people time to answer or encourage them to answer back.
People report or block you.Do not send a lot of messages that might look like spam.

Preventing WhatsApp Capture Chats from Being Flagged

To prevent WhatsApp Capture chats from being flagged as spam or scam, consider the following workarounds:

  • Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off before installing WhatsApp Phone Capture.
  • If multiple employees are using a similar mobile number or enterprise number, it is recommended to stretch the sign-in process of the employees over a few days. Ensure that all employees are signed in within ten days.
  • Ensure that you delete an account completely from WhatsApp Phone Capture to remove the previous user’s activity before assigning to a new user.
  • Do not use the same number on the native WhatsApp and WhatsApp Phone Capture.
  • Do not use the same mobile device to test or sign-in using multiple numbers on the same day.
  • Do not toggle between WhatsApp Phone Capture and native WhatsApp using the same mobile number repeatedly.

If employees are experiencing a sign-in loop that prevents them from completing the sign-in process, they might
have been flagged. Contact your Smarsh representative for possible solutions.

Managing Flagges/Banned Account

If an account is flagged or banned by Meta, you can email Meta Support asking them to unban your account. It is recommended that you send the email from your corporate email ID. In the email, explain that:

  • You are a legitimate business user.
  • You have not done any abnormal usage.
  • You’re using the regular WhatsApp application for your business communication with customers and workers.

Your account will be unbanned in one to two days.

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