Configuring Dual SIM Support

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Configuring Dual SIM Support

Android Capture supports dual SIM Android phones. The user can configure the app to capture SMS, MMS, and calls from both the SIM cards or just one. You can configure dual SIM support only when a second SIM is detected in your Android device.

You can configure dual SIM support during set up. To capture communication data through both the SIM cards, the app must know the second phone number and on which physical slot in the device the SIM card is housed.

When the dual SIM settings pop up during set up:

  1. Enter the country code of the phone number on the second SIM card.
  2. Enter the phone number of the second SIM card in the domestic format.
  3. Select the SIM card slot number of the second SIM.

4. Tap OK.

The second mobile number through the second SIM is added to Android Capture. You can verify the same on the main screen and the Settings screen.

Figure 1: Main Screen

Figure 2: Settings Screen

If the second SIM card is detected after performing these settings, contact TeleMessage support.

To capture data from only the primary phone number, tap CANCEL in the Dual SIM pop-up.

Cancelling Dual SIM Support

To cancel support for dual SIM:

  1. Open the Android Capture app.
  2. Tap Settings.

3. Turn Off Dual SIM.
4. Tap OK to confirm your selection.

Only your primary number is archived.

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