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Sending Logs When the App Crashes

Sending Logs When the App Crashes If the Android Archiver app crashes before you can send logs to TeleMessage support, perform the following steps on your computer and phone: Activate ... Read more

Changing the Call Records Folder

Changing the Call Records Folder To change the call records folder: Open the Android Archiver application. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Call Recording. 4. Tap SELECT FOLDER. 5. Tap CHANGE. 6. ... Read more

Deleting Files on Android Devices

Deleting Files on Android Devices When using the Android Archiver app, large files with communication data are generated. These files are temporarily stored on the user's device before they are ... Read more

Configuring Dual SIM Support

Configuring Dual SIM Support Android Archiver supports dual SIM Android phones. The user can configure the app to capture SMS, MMS, and calls from both the SIM cards or just ... Read more

System Events Captured

System Events Captured THIS TOPIC IS APPLICABLE ONLY FOR ADMINISTRATORS. The Android Archiver application sends the following two types of events to the administrator: Summary of the status and users. ... Read more

Capturing Native Call Recording

Capturing Native Call Recording The Android Archiver app supports native call recording available in Android devices. The recorded calls are placed in a pre-defined folder on the phone. To capture ... Read more

Recording Conference Calls

Recording Conference Calls The Android Archiver app can record and log simultaneous calls. A user can accept a call while on an existing call and record and log both the ... Read more

Setting Up the Application

Setting Up the Application An administrator opens accounts on Android Archiver for employees whose SMS, MMS, and voice calls on Android devices must be captured. The employees will receive an ... Read more
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