Capturing Native Call Recording

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Capturing Native Call Recording

The Android Archiver app supports native call recording available in Android devices. The recorded calls are placed in a pre-defined folder on the phone.

To capture native app recording:

  1. Set the call records folder.
  2. Allow the following permissions for the application:
  • Make and manage phone calls
  • Access media on mobile device

3. Check if your device supports call recording and whether the recorded calls are placed in the defined folder:

a. Open the native dialer app and make a test call.
If the screen displays a Record button when the call is active, your device supports call recording.
b. Tap Record to record the call.
c. After a short duration, tap Stop recording.

Stop recording is an Android system-supplied functionality. Tapping Stop recording when the call is active will prevent Android Archiver from recording the call.

If a user taps Stop recording, the Android Archiver app generates an alert that is sent to the administrator.

d. Navigate to the call records folder at the defined location and check if the recording is saved there.

4. Ensure that automatic call recordings is turned On.

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