Verizon Network Carrier Capture Introduction

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The Verizon Network Carrier Capture is a communication management solution for government agencies and enterprises and offers powerful features for capturing and archiving SMS. It is designed to meet strict regulatory requirements and enhance operational transparency while offering comprehensive capture, archiving and monitoring features for company-issued mobile devices.

TeleMessage directly integrates with the Verizon network to capture mobile communication for provisioned company employee phones at the network level. Messages flow through the archive router and are forwarded to the organization’s archive.

The following section explains the Verizon Network archiving workflow:

  1. You can provision the employees by contacting Smarsh and sharing the required information. Smarsh then shares the details with Verizon for provisioning.
  2. Employees can be enrolled or registered for Verizon network archiving through either the Company Admin portal or  sharing the  information in .xlsx 
  3. The Network Carrier Capture captures mobile communication for provisioned company employee phones from Verizon.
  4. Messages flow through the Network Carrier Capture router and are forwarded to the company’s enterprise archive.
  5. Messages are deleted from the Verizon Network Archiving Solution once archived.

Note: Smarsh does not store or archive any customer communication. We only save the user details required to provision and activate the service. All archived messages flow through the Smarsh’s Archive Router and sent to organization’s archive.

Benefits of the Verizon Network Archiving Solution

The Verizon Network’s archiving solution provides you with the following benefits:

  • Directly capture SMS messages from the Verizon network.
  • Forward Verizon messages to an archive of your choice.
  • Activate Verizon text recording exclusively for corporate-owned phones.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations while maintaining controlled and secure recorded communications.
  • Record text messages on smartphones and regular feature phones.
  • Streamline deployment by eliminating the need for app installation.
  • Choose between on-premise or cloud storage options for mobile text messages.
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