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A user must adhere to the following rules to ensure acknowledgment of the Opt-In text message by the message archive platform:

  • Reply using only YES (case insensitive), without adding extra characters or text such as an auto signature or period. Ensure that any auto signatures are disabled before sending the reply.
  • After sending a YES reply, Verizon sends an acknowledgment message.
  • Opt-in acceptance may take up to one hour to process. Therefore, messages exchanged immediately after opting in may not be archived.
  • Due to a known issue beyond Verizon’s control, users on Blackberry devices may face difficulties replying to Opt-In text messages. Blackberry devices automatically add a country code to the original long code MDN of the Opt-In text. To reply successfully, users need to start a new conversation and manually enter the original long code in the To field, along with a Yes reply (not case-sensitive) in the message field.
  • If the response is not recognized as a confirmation of YES, the original Opt-In text message will be resent. The opt-in message will continue to be sent daily until a reply is received.
    End users must be located in the United States and using Verizon’s network to reply to the Opt-In message. Replies while roaming won’t reach Verizon.
  • If a user phone is inactive for several days when the opt-in message is sent, they will receive up to 5 opt-ins (one for each day). They need to reply YES to only one of them.
  • You can opt to send reminders to their employees about their archived messages. These reminders can be sent quarterly or bi-annually on fixed days: the 13th hour of GMT and the 6th day (nearest weekday) of the month.

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