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Scheduling Messages

You can schedule a message to be sent at a selected time on an iOS and Android mobile device. Messages can be scheduled only in an existing thread. Messages sent in the New Message window cannot be scheduled. You can schedule text messages, attachments, and audio messages. Messages with video files cannot be scheduled. By default, scheduled messages are disabled. To enable them, contact your TeleMessage representative.

A scheduled message is archived after the message is sent to the recipient. The mobile device from which the scheduled messages are sent must be turned on to archive the message.

To schedule a message:

  1. Open an existing conversation thread.
  2. Create a message with text, attachment, or voice recording.
  3. Long-press the Send icon.
  1. In the Schedule Message window, select the date, time, and time zone to schedule the message.

.   Note: You can schedule a message for a maximum of 366 days and a minimum of two minutes.


Viewing Scheduled Messages

You can view all the messages scheduled for a contact or group. To view the scheduled messages:

  1. Open an existing conversation thread.
  2. Tap the contact name or group name.
    Figure 1: Contact Info

    Figure 2: Group Info

  3. Tap Scheduled Messages

All messages scheduled for the contact or group are displayed.

To view the scheduled messages for all contacts and groups, in the Chats screen, tap the clock icon.

The Scheduled Messages screen displays all the scheduled messages.

Copying and Deleting Scheduled Messages

In the Scheduled Messages window, you can long-press a conversation bubble to copy the message or delete the message. When you choose to delete a scheduled message, a confirmation window appears.


  • A scheduled message can only be deleted until two minutes before the scheduled time.
  • You cannot edit a scheduled message.

Scheduled Messages in a Group

If you leave a group or delete a group where you have posted scheduled messages, all your scheduled messages are deleted.

If you remove a participant from a group, all scheduled messages of the participant are deleted.

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