SMS and IP Settings

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SMS and IP Settings

This section explains the settings available for SMS and IP messages.

Default Message Type

You can set the default message type on the Capture Mobile Messenger application as SMS or IP messages. You can also set a combination of both wherein:

  • The message is delivered to the app if the recipient has the app.
  • The message is delivered as an SMS if the recipient does not have the app.

To set the default message type:
1. Log in to the admin portal as an administrator.
2. Click Settings > Message Settings.
3. In the Default Message Type section, select one of the following options:

  • SMS Text Messages only: The messages sent from the Capture Mobile Messenger app are always delivered as SMS.
  • IP Push Notifications: The messages are sent through the internet and delivered only to recipients who have the Capture Mobile Messenger app.
  • SMS Fallback: If the IP Push Notification delivery fails, the message will be converted to an SMS and delivered as an SMS text message to the recipient. You can set the duration in minutes after which SMS fallback should happen.
  • Combination of SMS and IP: Recipients having the Capture Mobile Messenger app will receive IP messages on the app and recipients without the app will receive an SMS.

Message Concatenation

SMS messages have a default character limit of 160 characters (in English). When a message exceeds the character limit, you can set the maximum number of messages to which the original message must be split.

For example, consider that a message has 210 characters.

  • If you set the message to be split to a maximum of 3 messages, the original message is split to 2 messages and both the messages are delivered to the recipient.
  • If you do not set a maximum limit to split the original message, the system considers the first 160 characters as one message and delivers only that message to the recipient. The remaining characters are not delivered to the recipient.


When an employee sends a message, the message can be sent either from their own mobile number or from the company allocated enterprise number.

When recipients reply to the message, the replies are routed back to Capture Mobile servers and displayed on the app or in the admin portal.

SMS Template

You can set the default structure of SMS messages using SMS templates. The available SMS templates are:

  • No template: Subject, Message. This is the default option.
  • No Subject: Message Only
  • Long: Sender, Subject, Message (with tags)
  • Short: Sender, Message
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