Managing Auto-Reply Messages

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Managing Auto-Reply Messages

To set auto-reply (default is “Always send”):

  1. Go to Settings > Chats > Auto-Reply
    (iOS)                                                                       (Android)
  2. Toggle ON to enable the feature
    (iOS)                                                                       (Android)
  3.  Tap Edit to customize the reply.
  4. Tap Done/Save when finished with customizations to save changes
    iOS                                                               Android

To customize the auto-reply:

Auto-Reply allows choosing one of the three scheduling variants:

  1. Always — Server will send auto-reply always until the user turns it Off
  2. Outside of business hours — User needs to set his business hours for each working day, server will send auto-reply only outside these hours
  3. Custom schedule  — Server will send auto-reply during set time frame. Minimum allowed time frame – 1 minute.

Auto-reply recipients setting allows choosing one of the three variants:

  1. Everyone (including blocked contacts, but it won’t be displayed as a thread).
  2. Company contact list (Users under manager + added contacts in Global contact list).

Customizing Auto-Reply Settings

  1. The supplied default auto-reply message can be edited, to a maximum length of 1,460 characters. (As shown in the counter under the MESSAGE field).

  2. Auto-reply is sent by the server even if a user is offline. Archiving for the original message and for the auto-reply on it will be done by the App once the user is online.
  3. To remind users that they have Auto-reply setting ON, ENA displays a banner on the top of the Chat screen with short settings description and partly showed auto-reply message itself.
    (Tapping on the banner redirects user to Auto-reply menu item.)
  4. ENA displays the auto-reply message in the chat screen so the user may quickly understand who messaged him and received the auto-reply in return.

  5. Auto-reply is time zone sensitive, so if an auto-reply was set before switching between time zones it needs to be reset accordingly.
  6. Recipients setting “Company contact list” includes all the registered users under a certain manager including contacts from the Global Contacts list (New Web). Some of our customers from one company are split between 2 managers, so users under one manager may not receive auto-reply for “Company contact list” if they were not added to Global Contacts list.

  7. Recipients setting “Not in the company contacts” includes all the senders except the ones in the Global contacts (Users under the manager + Added contacts).
  8. No Auto-reply in the group.
  9. Auto-reply is available for broadcast messages but will be sent in 1:1 thread with sender.
  10. Sending Auto-Replies even to zero registered users may result in charges. 
  11. Auto-reply for calls and voice mails is not available.
  12. For ENA subscribers with Voice call only and Voice Call Capture,  auto-reply is not available and will be turned off in case text support was canceled in Teleadmin.
  13. Signatures cannot be added to auto-reply.
  14. Server does not send auto-reply on another auto-reply message.
  15. Auto-reply on scheduled message is not available on this phase.
  16. App reinstallation does not erase set auto-reply.

The feature can be completely disabled for all the users by a manager in Teleadmin > Manager > Enterprise Number Capture Settings > Disable Auto Replies

Share Extension support – Phase 1

To share (media/document/link) within the Enterprise Number Capture :

  1. Tap the Share button ()
  2. Tap the TeleMessage App from the default Apps list or tap More and choose the App from the full list




  1. Tap the chat thread in which to Share selected files



  1. Wait for sharing process to complete (Popup with progress bar is shown). Attachments are sent.





  1. Cancel applies to subsequent attachments; the current one in the process will be sent.
  2. Archiving will be done once the user opens the App.
  3. File size is limited is 25 Mb.


  1. Attachments maximums: 10 images and 5 videos.
  1. Multiple chat threads choice is not supported (Phase 1).
  2. Sending to non-existing threads (choosing from Contacts) is not available (Phase 1).
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