Activating the TeleMessage WhatsApp Cloud Capture Service

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To activate the TeleMessage WhatsApp Cloud Capture Service follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have WhatsApp on your phone, first install WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp.
    If this is your first installation, please exchange a few messages with others before you move to the next step.
  2. For Android – Tap Menu at the top right.
    For iPhone – Tap Settings at the bottom right
  3. Tap ‘Linked Devices’ from the options.
  4. Tap ‘Link a Device’.
  5. On your computer desktop browser, navigate to this link:
    This is a personal link, we recommend that you bookmark it on your desktop for future activations.
  6. Scan the QR Code you see on screen.
  7. Don’t close the browser window on your desktop until you see a confirmation that you are connected to the archiving service.

You will also receive a confirmation email or SMS.

That’s it! You are ready to go!
WhatsApp communications will be archived according to your company settings.

  1. If this is your user’s first installation of the mobile WhatsApp or WhatsApp for business app:
    Please make sure they exchangea few messages with others before connecting to the WhatsApp Cloud Capture.
  2. It is advised not to immediately start opening new groups and broadcast lists after connecting to the WhatsApp Cloud Capture.
    The above is to avoid Meta flagging the account as a spam account and to prevent the account from being banned. For more detailed instructions onthe onboarding process, you can visit our WhatsApp Cloud Capture onboarding guide.To assist service administrators in monitoring their users’ registrations and service health status, the service will send system events to the archive. For more informationread about our: WhatsApp Cloud Capture System EventsIn case you are activating WhatsApp with an enterprise number with a different country code prefix than your carrier or SIM mobile number, WhatsApp will automatically add the country code of your enterprise number to the contacts that are missing a country code prefix. For more information read about: WhatsApp Capture mobile phone contacts.
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