Managing Users

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Managing Users

In the User Management page you can view the following information about users:

  • User status – Status of the user such as Active, Suspended, Deleted, and Locked.
  • User first name and last name
  • Username
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Last Seen – Date on which the user last accessed the Enterprise Number Capture app.
  • Registration date – Date on which the user was registered to the Enterprise Number Capture app.
  • Network
  • Network Status
  • Service Level
  • Messaging App – The Enterprise Number Capture application version.
  • User balance – Shows a detailed usage report for the user. USAGE OF WHAT?

You can also search for users using the search field. You can perform the following operations on a user:

  • Activate – Activate a user when the user is inactive.
  • Suspend – Change the user status to a hold state. The user with the Suspend status will not be able to use the Enterprise Number Capture app.
  • Delete – Delete the user from the system. A deleted user cannot be restored.
  • Invite – Send an SMS to the user with the link to download the Enterprise Number Capture app.
  • Remote Lock & Wipe Delete – Delete all messages of the user from the Enterprise Number Capture app. Use this option when a user misplaces their phone or leaves the organization. Execute this operation before deleting any user from the system.
  • Reset PIN – Reset the PIN for the Enterprise Number Capture app on the user’s mobile phone. Execute this operation when a user forgets their PIN code.

Network and Network Status Information

The Admin Console displays available Users’ Networks and Network Status as follows:

Network provider (a mouse hover tooltip displays the correct status for all entries and the last status date):

Network Name — Green indicates MDN provisioning is enabled.

Network NameOrange indicates the network was last seen/archived more than 30 days ago.

Network name (Verizon only)Red indicates MDN provisioning is not enabled. Reasons include:

  • Invalid Number
  • Opt-In Sent
  • Invalid Opt-In Response
  • Opt-In Response Received
  • Remove Message Block, Unable to Provision, Disabled

Network Status

Network Status can have the following values:

  • No Status
  • Not Communicating
  • Disabled
  • Enabled

Verizon Network Status also include the following:

  • Invalid Opt-in Response
  • Unable to Provision
  • Pending provisioning
  • Opt-in Sent
  • Opt-in Response Received
  • New Request

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