Preventing Wrongful Flagging of Your WhatsApp Activity

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WhatsApp Phone Archiver is a wrapped version of the native WhatsApp. All users need to be registered WhatsApp users in the Meta’s DB and are subjected to the same terms and conditions as all other WhatsApp users. As part of Meta’s campaign against spam and scams, they have put in place an automatic logic to identify and block numbers and mobile devices that they suspect are behaving abnormally.  A blocked number or device will not be able to sign into the app. 

Sometimes as part of a POC or onboarding process, your users’ devices are used for testing processes and some of these test actions are flagged by the Meta’s servers as suspicious behaviors that can get the users blocked out of WhatsApp/WhatsApp Phone Archiver

We have compiled some tips and suggestions to prevent your users from being wrongly flagged by Meta as part of this process.

  • Note: The single largest cause for Meta classifying your account as suspect is frequent number changes.
    WhatsApp has a special algorithm to detect users that are changing numbers frequently, and then use WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
    After they’ll unban you – please avoid changing numbers!

To prevent your WhatsApp chats from being classified by Meta as Spam or Scam:

  1. It is a prerequisite to have Wi-Fi turned OFF before beginning the sign-in process
  2. If you have multiple users with similar mobile or TeleMessage allocated enterprise numbers, it is advised to spread the sign-in of the group over a few days
    Generally, no more than 10 users a day
  3. Note that the same number cannot be used for more than one WhatsApp product if a number is already signed in on one of the native WhatsApp apps or business API it cannot be used to sign into the TeleMessage WhatsApp phone archiver
  4. It is advised to not use one mobile device to test or sign in using multiple numbers in one day
  5. It is advised not to toggle between WhatsApp Phone Archiver and native WhatsApp using the same mobile number repeatedly  

If for some reason one or more of your users are experiencing a sign-in loop that prevents them from completing the sign-in process, they might have been flagged.

Contact support for assistance with possible solutions.

For banned users WhatsApp suggests:

  1. Email WhatsApp support and ask them to get unbanned.
  2. Send the email from your corporate email address.
  3. It is important to mention the following items.
    1. Explain that you are a legitimate business user.
    2. Explain that you have not done any abnormal usage (We assume you didn’t send mass messages nor SPAMMED users)
    3. That you’re using the regular WhatsApp application for your business communication with customers and workers
    4. Ask to get your account unbanned.
WhatsApp will typically perform unbanning in 1-2 days

Routine violations that can result in banning

  1. Unmitigated creation of groups and broadcasts – To reduce dedicated marketing use of the app WhatsApp flags extensive creation of groups and broadcast lists.
    A new account that immediately begins creating groups and broadcast lists can be banned on the grounds of suspicious activity
    We recommend using the app for 1:1 conversation for at least a day before starting to create groups and refrain from creating multiple groups and broadcast lists in a short period of time.
    Also do not send broadcast messages to people that you don’t appear as a contact in their address book – they message will anyway not be shown to them
  2. Unwanted communication – Messages sent using a broadcast list will only be received when users have added your phone number to their contact list. Frequent use of broadcast messages may lead people to report your messages.
    We advise you to ask for permission from contacts before adding them to a group. If a contact asks you to stop messaging them, you should remove the contact from your address book and refrain from messaging again. it is also better to only send messages to those who have contacted you first or have requested you to contact them on WhatsApp.
  3. Forwarding messages – WhatsApp has created a label for all forwarded messages and limits the number of times you can forward messages as a way to encourage users to reconsider before sharing.
    So, if you are not sure about the credibility of a message, then refrain from forwarding any fake or false message.

Common issues and workarounds

  • Messages sent to “strangers” using a broadcast list or adding “strangers” to a group; We recommend send an invite to a group instead of adding the contacts or send your QR to people to add you as a contact.
  • Sending the same message to many people can be considered spam even if they have saved your contact If you want to send the same message to many users and do not want to expose yourself to any risk, WhatsApp recommends the use of broadcast messages.
  • Forwarding a message multiple times We recommend trying to copy and paste instead.The ratio of sent v/s received is wrong. You are sending lots of messages, but you receive very a smaller number of messages  Give people time to answer or encourage them to answer back.
  • People report or blocked you  We recommend not sending a lot of messages that might look like spam.

WhatsApp violator number database

WhatsApp keeps its own database of numbers that have been used in the past for marketing or other product violations. If a number is on this list, it will be flagged as banned. Since this database is kept for many years, your number may have been on it before you received it. Marketing companies are bigger and larger than ever, numbers are being reused at an unprecedented rate and unfortunately, WhatsApp accounts are not deleted before they are returned to the provider. Deleting the account completely will remove the history of previous users and will allow you to continue using the number on WhatsApp Phone Archiver.
Note: TeleMessage is working on several solutions to these problems including doing our own prescreening of the numbers. If your number is banned and you wish to try a new number you can contact TeleMessage support.

For a more general discussion see: Why Does WhatsApp Ban Millions of Users Each Month?

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