How to extract low level logs from an iOS device using a Mac

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Method A to extract logs from iOS WPA

Mac instructions:

Download from

Unzip directory

Open terminal and navigate into unzipped directory

run command “chmod 777 *”

run “./idevicesyslog”

  • Approve Several times for each file.

Windows instructions:

        1. Download the following zip:
        2. Unzip directory to anywhere
        3. Open unzipped directory in file explorer
        4. Launch powershell Hold shift and right click on directory
        5. Either “Open Powershell window here” or “Open cmd window here” should appear. Click it
        6. type “.\idevicesyslog.exe > log.txt” in shell
        7. Connect phone via USB to PC
        8. Open [WhatsApp] and replicate crash
        9. After crash has occurred wait 15-20 seconds and type “Ctrl+C” in the opened shell. “Exiting…” should appear
        10. A file named log.txt should be in unzipped directory
        11. Mail it to TeleMessage support

Method B to extract logs from iOS WPA

    1. Connect IPhone to Mac
    2. Open “Console” app
    3. Choose connected iphone on the left panel and press start streaming:
    4. Reproduce the bug
    5. Press CMD-A then CMD-C to check everything and copy. Then Paste to any text editor.
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