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Reporting On the admin portal, you can generate reports about usage and transactions. You can also generate reports in a daily basis. Summary Reports Summary report summarizes the number of messages ... Read more

Deleting Groups

Deleting Groups To delete selected group(s): Log in to the admin portal as an administrator. Click My Contacts or Global Contacts. Click Groups. Select the checkbox against the group(s) to ... Read more

Managing Messages

Managing Messages On the admin portal, you can send messages to colleagues using the Enterprise Number Capture app or other mobile phones as SMS, landline numbers as a pre-recorded voice ... Read more

Composing Messages

Composing Messages To compose a new message: On the admin portal, click Compose Message. In the Compose Message page: a. In the To field: To send a message to an ... Read more

Sending Messages to Multiple Recipients

Sending Messages to Multiple Recipients You can send messages to multiple contacts at a time. By Importing Contacts from an Excel File From the Contacts Page By Importing Contacts from ... Read more

Managing Inbox

Managing Inbox The admin portal Inbox is a centralized location for administrators to view, search, and manage all messages on their Enterprise Number Capture app. All messages including text message, ... Read more

Managing Outbox

Managing Outbox The Outbox is usually empty. Messages remain in the Outbox when: Messages sent are not received by the recipient. Messages are scheduled to be sent at a later ... Read more

Managing Sent Items

Managing Sent Items The messages you send are placed in the Sent Items folder according to the time they were sent. To search for a specific message, you can search ... Read more

Message Settings

Message Settings On the Compose Message page, you can add the settings described in this topic to messages. Add a Subject Field Log in to the admin portal as an ... Read more
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