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In our previous post, we have discussed how you can take advantage of mass messaging to boost your mobile marketing efforts. However, all those steps are just a prerequisite to help your mass messaging campaign gain traction. Optimization of your messages for search is also warranted.

Unknown to many marketers, mobile messaging is one content strategy that can be optimized for search engines like Google. By integrating these two powerful tactics into your mobile marketing strategy, you will be able to create personal, one-on-one dealings with your customers, and establish trust and support to ensure repeat business.

Here are the ways you can optimize your mobile messages for search:

1. Include Special Offers

With a mass SMS text messaging platform, you can include links to your special discounts, coupons, and sales that matches the specific interest of your target audience. This is not only an excellent way to get your audience to visit your website and content, but they also help boost your website’s engagement rate and can even be used to build links.

According to many studies, including promotional offers can encourage your text messaging audience to visit your site. This, in turn, helps improve several SEO factors of your website such as click-through rate, bounce rates, time on page, etc.

2. Test Your CTAs

Your mobile messaging marketing results greatly depends on the effectiveness of your Call to Actions (CTAs). CTAs provide a clear, straightforward direction on what you want your target audience to do next, whether buying a product, subscribing to the newsletter, registering as a user or visiting your blogs, adding a succinct CTA at the end of your message is critical to getting your audience to perform the action you desire.

One effective way to test your CTAs is through A/B Testing. It’s a method for figuring out which of the two versions of your message CTA gets a better response rate.

For example, message A might have the CTA in the middle of the text while message B has it at the end, with everything else about the message staying the same. Or, you might keep the CTA at the end but use different words to prompt the recipient to click.

When creating CTAs, it’s extremely important to clearly communicate to your audience what will happen once they click on the link. The trick is finding creative solutions while always ensuring the clarity of the message.

3. Encourage Your Audience to Link to Your Pages

One of the most important search ranking factors is the inbound links. Basically, a website that has a higher number of quality websites linking back to its pages has a higher Domain Authority (DA), which means higher placement in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Depending on your industry, the target audience of your mobile marketing campaign may have websites themselves that can link back to your specific pages or content such as blogs or whitepapers. If so, encourage them to do just that with your SMS text message.

For example, you can use your MMS messaging platform to send snippets of your newest high-value content that your subscribers might want to share with their audience. Sending specific findings from your newest research that is relevant to your target audience can encourage backlinks as well.

4. Ensure Value and Originality

Your customers don’t want intrusive advertisements. Rather, they want useful information that helps address their business issues. Therefore, your mobile messages should be aligned with your SEO strategy that puts customer experience and satisfaction at the forefront.

When using text messaging, remember that you only have very few characters to engage your customers. Your customers know this, and that is your advantage. Create amazing messages within those limitations. Get to know your audience and deliver the information they want. If you can create value within the limited thresholds available, you’re on your way to achieving a successful campaign.

5. Use Analytics to Track Your Mass Messaging Campaign

Lastly, tracking your campaign via in-depth analytics should help you further optimize your messages for customers who are genuinely interested in your offers. With the right performance data, you will also be able to determine the performance of one channel, such as SMS text messages, against other initiatives – such as push notification – in terms of the traffic they drive to your website.

Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Messages for Search

TeleMessage’s mass messaging platform is equipped with in-depth analytics that can provide you with: detailed statistical reports with breakdown by users, channels and devices; message delivery status; and more. Using the information generated by our analytics will assist you in gaining a fuller perspective of your campaign’s success and the resulting impact on your SEO.

Follow the above-steps to optimize your mass messaging campaign for search. If you want to learn more about how our enterprise mass messaging platform can help your business, visit our website today at

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