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Why WhatsApp Concerns Employers

In the world of finance, it seems that the ability to enforce regulation standards has been one step behind those employees intent on circumventing the standards, but the industry is … Read more

The Future of Messaging Apps

It is 2017 and the future is in your pocket – on your mobile device. Texting is the most frequently used app on a smartphone, with over seven trillion text … Read more

Messaging Apps In, Email Out

Business image created by Phduet -

Can you imagine a reality in which all communications and transactions are conducted via message? New data solidifies that indeed messaging apps are the future of communication, while email is … Read more

The TeleMessage Getting Started Guide

Are you ready to implement a secure texting messaging app in your organization? We've created this handy guide to help you get started.     Go to our homepage,, and click Start ... Read more
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