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Enterprise Mobile Messaging Vendors: How to Choose the Right One for You

By June 1, 2017blog

From text message archiving to SMS API Gateway to ensuring HIPAA compliance or other regulatory concerns, there are dozens of text message vendors offering different capabilities and sorting through the options when looking for a solution for your business needs can be quite the task.

The first step every business should take is one that occurs before the search begins and that is to sit down and define the needs of the business. This step should include discussions with all the departments about their current and future enterprise mobile messaging needs.

Will your customer base be growing to proportions that will take you from 10,000 SMS messages to 100,000 SMS messages when reaching out? Will your marketing department be creating SMS campaigns to send out coupons to customers? Is your customer base local, national, or international? And, of course, the all-important question – what is your budget?

Additional questions that every business should be thinking about are with regards to mobile phone archiving and text message archiving. It’s not enough to think about how to easily reach customers or clients. Once we start utilizing our mobile devices in the workplace, businesses need to think about protecting the information that is stored on and sent to and from the mobile devices used by their employees. All these are questions to ask your text message vendor.

Also, are you capable of A2P (application-to-person) messaging, the trending topic of 2018?

For some industries, there are clear regulatory standards that must be met but every business should think about the kinds of lawsuits they are likely to face and the kind of information being stored on and sent from mobile devices not currently connected to the office network. Comprehensive systems that can ensure secure texting, secure corporate communications, and mobile phone and text message archiving alongside the mass messaging capabilities that match the needs of your company will keep you safest.