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TeleMessage announces network integration with Canadian mobile carriers for text archiving of corporate mobile phones. TeleMessage has joined with Bell, TELUS and other Canadian carriers to provide this archiving service. Now customers can securely archive text messages exchanged over the carriers’ network.

Network Archiver from TeleMessage

TeleMessage Network Archiver allows customers to securely archive any text message exchanged over the carrier’s network. With this service, organizations can manage mobile messaging, secure communications, enforce policies and ensure reliable enterprise communication.

TeleMessage has partnered with Canadian carriers for this service, which is fully compliant with industry regulations using the latest data, phone, SMS and email communication encryption and full privacy and compliance standards. The carriers send copies of text messages in real-time to the TeleMessage archive server, which routes the messages to the customer’s enterprise archive.

Network Archiver is a low-maintenance, hassle-free service that runs in the background without requiring any app installation on mobile devices.

The archived messages are encrypted in transit and at rest, keeping your data secure. Read more information about Network Archiver from TeleMessage.

Bell Network Archiver

TeleMessage helps you in archiving your text messages on your Bell corporate devices. SMS and other text messages are captured by the Bell mobile network and a copy of the message is sent to the TeleMessage archive router. Then TeleMessage forwards the messages to a chosen customer enterprise archive.

Users don’t have the inconvenience of installing apps on their mobile phones and it works on smartphones, legacy phones and feature phones.

It must be noted that Bell Network Archiver is activated only for corporate phones and it isn’t available for BYOD devices.

Find more information about Bell Network Archiver.

TELUS Network Archiver

TeleMessage’s TELUS Network Archiver archives your SMS messages on your TELUS corporate devices. SMS and messages including WhatsApp and WeChat text messages are captured by the TELUS mobile network and a copy of the text message is sent to the TeleMessage archive router. TeleMessage forwards the text messages to a chosen customer enterprise archive.

Not only the native SMS, but TELUS Network Archiver also captures text messages from WeChat and WhatsApp, thus acting as WeChat archiving and WhatsApp archiving tool. Using TELUS Network Archiver saves you from the inconvenience of installing any app on the mobile phone and it also works on smartphones, legacy phones as well as feature phones.

TELUS Network Archiver works only with corporate phones and it isn’t available with BYOD devices. Read more about TELUS Network Archiver.

Canadian enterprises and the need to archive mobile communication

The ever-evolving Canadian laws on record keeping and archiving are stringent. While mobile communication is an essential and beneficial communication channel for businesses, mobile messages must be captured and archived ahead of audits and litigations.

Canada has many laws and regulations at the federal and provincial levels about record keeping and archiving. The regulations require organizations to maintain electronic records of business communication. All the regulations about record keeping and archiving of mobile communication help in keeping accountability, transparency and business continuity in the government and private sector.

Some of the most important record keeping and archiving regulations in Canada include the following.

  • Financial Administration Act – The Financial Administration Act requires government organizations relevant to the financial administration of the Government of Canada to capture, organize, maintain and preserve all business-related communication that contains corporate information and data to make a decision or initiate an action.
  • Library and Archives of Canada Act – According to the Libraries and Archives of Canada Act, Canada issues disposition authorizations to enable government institutions to dispose of records, including electronic communications, which no longer have operational value, either by permitting their destruction (at the discretion of institutions), by requiring their transfer to Library and Archives Canada or by agreeing to their alienation from the control of the Government of Canada (GC).
  • Access to Information Act – The Access to Information Act, and its accompanying Privacy Act require federal bodies to provide the requested public records within a maximum of 30 days. The exemptions to the Access to Information Act are limited and specific, and the decisions on the disclosure of government information (refusal of access) are reviewed by an independent body, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.
  • Directive on Service and Digital – Under this directive, organizations must identify, establish, implement, and maintain corporate repositories in which information of business value is managed throughout its life cycle while respecting privacy and security requirements. Moreover, organizations must also ensure that their information management systems are built to create, capture, and manage data, as well as equipped with features that can store, search, and retrieve data in all formats.
  • Canada Energy Regulator – According to the Canada Energy Regulator, utility, oil and gas companies must retain documents related to their operations for a period ranging from one month to five years.
  • An assortment of other regulations regarding record keeping and archiving – There are many other federal and provincial regulations that stipulate companies to electronic record keeping and archiving of text messages including Canada Evidence Act, CCPSA, SFCR, IIROC, EDRMS, PHIPAA, CSIS.

Read a detailed account of various record keeping and archiving regulations in Canada.

Archive in your preferred enterprise platform

TeleMessage offers flexible archiving platform solutions and customers are free to choose the platform of their choice. Network Archiver from TeleMessage has integrations with leading archiving and compliance solutions. Moreover, TeleMessage also enables the archiving of mobile content and metadata that are ready for search and eDiscovery.

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Record all your business communication and archive your employee mobile text messages using TeleMessage Network Archiver.

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