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Recent Health App industry reports revealed some amusing news.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved a final consent order with Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc and its co-owners. Forcing them to stop falsified claims that their “Ultimeyes” app can improve users’ vision.

In their website “Ultimeyes” point out that our ability to see is the most highly relied upon of the 5 senses, fair enough! However in another advertisement they state that their app would “Turn Back The Clock On Your Vision.” The app which caters for users on computers, tablets and of course your phone, furthermore collects data which is automatically uploaded to a ‘database’ where their team can see all user information.

At what stage do you stop and ask yourself: Do I really want a team of people from a mobile app whom I have never met, monitoring my eyesight and its performance?

The FTC has drawn the line and Carrot and its owners are required to provide reliable scientific evidence before making their claims which have been challenged in the FTC complaint for “Ultimeyes” and similar products, or claims regarding the health benefits. Furthermore the final order forbids the defendants from misrepresenting any scientific research and to put the ‘cherry on the top’ slammed them with $150 000 fine which they will have to pay the commission.

This story provides us with some interesting food for thought:

1) What health information are we sharing on our daily apps that we are not even aware of?

2) Are we clued up on the privacy settings on our health apps?

3) What technology are our Health professionals using and how secure is our information with them?

Don’t be short sighted, make sure that you are on top of your privacy game!

> Be very careful about what personal health info you upload on your personal device? Eg: heart rate, medical scripts etc…

> Go into your devices settings and double check the privacy restrictions and what info your apps have access to!

> Keep hard copies of any medical procedures done, X-Rays or lab results.


For Privacy Setting tips and more see:





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