WhatsApp users can now send view once voice messages

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You can now utilize WhatsApp to send voice messages that vanish after being heard. Like all personal messages on WhatsApp, these voice messages are safeguarded by default with end-to-end encryption. Following the introduction of the View Once feature for photos and videos in 2021, Meta is now extending this privacy-enhancing capability to voice messages.

Whether you’re sharing sensitive information like credit card details with a friend or planning a surprise, you can now transmit such data through voice messages with added confidence. Similar to View Once photos and videos, these voice messages are distinctly labeled with the “one-time” icon and can only be played once.

Just as WhatsApp ensures the security of all personal messages through end-to-end encryption, the addition of View Once for voice messages is another testament to WhatsApp’s commitment to its users’ privacy and security.

How to Send a “View Once” Voice Message on WhatsApp:

  1. Start by opening an individual or group chat.
  2. Tap the microphone icon to begin recording.
  3. Swipe up to lock the recording.
  4. Hold down the record button until it turns green, indicating you’re in “view once” mode.
  5. Once your message is recorded, tap the send button.

Keep in mind: If the recipient has read receipts enabled, you’ll see an opened receipt in the chat when they’ve listened to your view once voice message.

Things to Know about “View Once” Voice Messages on WhatsApp:

  • Each time you wish to send a view once message, you’ll need to select the view once option.
  • Once viewed, view once voice messages cannot be seen again.
  • Recipients must have read receipts turned on to confirm if the message was opened.
  • These messages won’t be saved to their device and cannot be recorded.
  • You must open and listen to received voice messages within 14 days; otherwise, they’ll expire and disappear from the chat.
  • Forwarding, saving, starring, or sharing view once voice messages is not possible.
  • Voice messages that haven’t been opened during backup can be restored, but once opened, they won’t be included in the backup and cannot be restored.
  • It’s important to note that screenshots of received media are not possible.

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