Reliability of Mobile Capture Products and How to Validate Your Messages are Being Recorded

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With the pandemic, all the traders, contact centers, and bankers are suddenly at home. This means that most of the business processes are shifted to a home office. In the first phase, when work from home was a novelty, compliance to all the regulations that are otherwise implemented did not seem necessary. The only target was to keep the work moving and keep the industry rolling. However, when this became an ongoing process, the inevitability of regulations came into the picture.

Monitoring the employees, recording all the conversations, recording all the chats and transactions became an unavoidable part of the everyday work process. Recording and surveillance of all the mobile communication with a RegTech solution like TeleMessage have become the new normal. Communication is paramount to smooth business, both for employees and clients.

mobile recordingThere’s a lot of data involved in different phases of business and data is critical. Businesses need to use this data for customer engagement, automation, personalization, support automation, sales automation, and all the different aspects of the business. However, the data is distributed and easily accessible. In order to address this, years of work and a lot of money go into building complex data products in order to enable them to use the data. But what they end up with is a very print solution that doesn’t answer their needs in real-time. It’s a never-ending project; it requires constant development and doesn’t answer the needs that they set out to solve.

There is a huge demand by employees and also customers to move to the new channels like WhatsApp or WeChat, or signal or telegram. And today, we see that they move to the modern channels that in many cases are the same ones that are used in the consumer world like WhatsApp and WeChat are probably going to win the overall market. It also makes employees more efficient- they can work from home or office, they can use mobile or desktop, the availability to share information like images, documents, the ease of sharing it with groups, is all increasing.

Added to this is the ability to conduct a conversation in parallel with several people. The main challenge in this shift is making it compliant. It allows businesses to be able to engage customers in the way a conversation is taken forward with friends and family, like from mobile with WhatsApp or WeChat or Telegram or by making regular calls and SMS. And all under regulation where all the information flows into the compliance and surveillance tools like TeleMessage.

All the businesses now have an approach of omnichannel or a multi-channel. But in many cases, this approach affects the contact center. And there is a great difference between enabling an omnichannel for the contact center and allowing every individual employee to use WhatsApp or WeChat, his mobile device to engage customers, and especially in a regulated market, it’s slightly different challenges.

But they still have other channels sometimes, or tools for internal communication. There are also things that are not really moving to these new channels, or at least not yet. So there are a lot of things that consumers still prefer to do over the phone. So we still see that the dominant channel for vocal conversations is the traditional telephony.

TeleMessage offers a unique set of solutions that helps financial firms comply with the expectations put forth by the regulators. As mentioned earlier, communication between employees and customers takes place in a wide variety of channels. Even though voice calls and text messages are widely being used, recent trends suggest that the use of mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, and Signal has also increased. Hence, a tool that can capture mobile text or record voice calls is not enough anymore. Considering the wide acceptance of mobile chat applications in the financial industry, the mobile capture tool that firms use must also have the capability of WhatsApp recording, WeChat recording, Telegram recording, and Signal recording. The tool must not only be able to record the conversations happening on these chat applications, but must also be capable of archiving such conversations so that the firms can present this information during a regulatory audit, or in the event of a compliance issue.

Firms will have to produce the recorded conversations before the regulator during a compliance audit. So it is inevitable that a recording and archiving tool be used in the firm to meet compliance requirements. But have you ever thought about the reliability of such regulatory tools being used in companies to record employee conversations? Are you sure that the tool used in your firm is reliable and it captures every conversation between the employee and customer, through all the communication channels they use?

Well, if you are using TeleMessage’s archiving solutions, then you can be sure about the reliability of your firm’s conversations being captured

TeleMessage successfully passed the information security audit by DELOITTE, they’ve assessed our security policies and procedures, including corporate physical security, information security within our systems, system protections such as firewalls and password protection, business continuity, and business interruption plans. Furthermore, we’ve been consulted by APPSEC during the development stage to minimize security threats and ensure application integrity.

TeleMessage is an ISO certified vendor that complies with standards like ISO 9001, 27001, 27799.

These certifications prove the reliability of our archiving products. This makes our clients have the confidence to integrate our archiving products into their business.

TeleMessage uses state-of-the-art hardware and software to ensure the proper operation of our archiving tools. TeleMessage uses its own private cloud platform. The information that we capture from our clients is stored in SSAE-16 SOC2 certified hosting facilities. We ensure high service availability across multiple hardware platforms with the help of our VMWare infrastructure.

Our software has Checkpoint Firewalls for site protection, deep protocol inspection, DDoS protection, IPS, and more. The system logs access attempts and records the IP address where they originate from. Clients can configure to allow access from certain IP address ranges. The system detects repeated failed access of password hacking and automatically locks the suspected accounts. The original account user will receive a notification about the attempt and will have to change the password or contact support to release the account lock.

Earlier, firms used to rely on taking screenshots of their employee’s phones to capture the business conversations with customers. But the problem with such methods is, they only capture the conversation and not the metadata associated with the conversation. It is also a bit difficult to search and finds the relevant conversations if they are in image format.

TeleMessage has archiving solutions for legacy phones and smartphones. The conversations are captured as text along with their metadata. This allows companies to search for specific conversations. Hence, the inclusion of a mobile archiving solution like TeleMessage can help firms to meet their regulatory requirements in a secure and reliable manner.

About TeleMessage

TeleMessage captures and retains mobile content, including mobile SMS messages, voice calls, and WeChat and WhatsApp conversations from corporate or BYOD mobile phones to ensure compliance with various data protection regulations. The messages are securely and reliably retained within TeleMessage servers or forwarded to your choice of data storage vendor.

Our mobile archiving products securely record content from mobile carriers and mobile devices for various ownership models (BYOD, CYOD, and employer-issued). With our multiple archiving solutions, you can always find the right tools or blend for your requirements:

TeleMessage offers cross-carrier and international mobile text & calls archiving for corporate and BYOD phones. Visit our website at to learn more about our mobile archiving products.


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