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Microsoft 365 Throttling Rate Limitations

Users of the TeleMessage Microsoft 365 Connectors should understand the following limitations Rate Limit Up to 1200 messages/hour per unique source unique destination Up to 3600 messages an hour per multiple sourcesunique destination … Read more

Connecting TeleMessage Mobile Archiver with Microsoft 365

Connecting your TeleMessage account with your Microsoft 365 tenant, employees and compliance portal: Overview Microsoft enables tenants to import employee mobile communications into Microsoft 365 Advanced Compliance, eDiscovery, Communication Compliance, ... Read more

 Microsoft/TeleMessage Data Connector Setup Guide

 Microsoft/TeleMessage Data Connector Setup Guide Overview Microsoft enables O365 tenants to import their mobile communications into their outlook mailbox. This guide will instruct Microsoft tenants how to setup Data Connectors. Setting … Read more

Microsoft Connector Termination

To terminate the TeleMessage mobile archiving from Microsoft 365, delete the connector, as follows: Login with your Microsoft 365 tenant admin credentials to Enter Date connectors ⮞ Connectors Select the … Read more

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