Microsoft 365 Throttling Rate Limitations

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Users of the TeleMessage Microsoft 365 Connectors should understand the following limitations

Rate Limit

  • Up to 1200 messages/hour per unique source unique destination
  • Up to 3600 messages an hour per multiple sourcesunique destination
  • Theoretical limitation of the maximum number of messages per day = 28,800

Storage Limit (per mailbox) of 1.5T

After the archive mailbox is enabled, up to 100 GB of additional storage is available per user. Once the limit is reached, Microsoft provides a feature called unlimited archiving where an extended archive gets added. However, the maximum limit after unlimited archiving is enabled is 1.5 TB per mailbox.

Operating Reccomendations

  • Customers are encouraged to avoid using Microsoft as a final Storage destination
  • If customers insist on using Microsoft 365, TeleMessage must have direct connection to the Microsoft 365 mail serversTeleMessage cannot get another entity in between the Keeper service and Microsoft Mailbox the likes of Proofpoint
  • Customer needs to be aware that TeleMessage archive services can not overcome the limitation imposed by Office 365


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