Configuring Automatic Retention Policies In The Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal

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Preliminary Steps​

Order Microsoft 365 Mobile Archiving Connectors

Create Microsoft 365 Connectors

The Microsoft Purview compliance connectors of Microsoft and TeleMessage allow companies to import mobile data from various data sources, such as AT&T, Verizon, Text messages from BYOD devices, as well as mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal and more. The data imported via these connectors can be used with Purview search, eDiscovery, Communicaiton compliance, Insider risk management solution and more.

Government customers have over 60 data connectors to choose from, including more than 12 mobile capture connectors from TeleMessage.

  1. Establishing automatic retention policies configured in the purview compliance portal means that messages:

    • are being retained,
    • are discoverable in 365 e-discovery Solutions,
    • and can have a hold put on them

In e-discovery premium Solutions, you can perform a search (or collection) of user mailboxes that have text or chat messages. This search, called kind equals external data, is generalized but can be made specific. The produced review set for mobile communications is accessible for subsequent investigation.

We here review WhatsApp and SMS messages sent and received between two numbers.

In review sets in ediscovery Premium you can perform area redactions, which can, for example hide phone numbers before content export. You can also perform pencil redactions or tag items.

  1. Policies can be created in the Communication compliance solution related to Inappropriate Text, Conflict of interest, Sensitive information and more:
  2. Policies and locations can also be edited. From within Settings;
    • Starting with reviewer selection and supervision of users and groups

    • Channels, consisting of Microsoft 365 products (Exchange, Teams and Yammer) and those for which data connectors have been created, like TeleMessage WhatsApp, Signal and Enterprise Number Capture s can be monitored
  1. Selecting the Pending items in the Tool bar displays the Review sets, with icons for quick recognition.


M365 E5/G5 or O365 E5/G5 or G3 + Compliance add-on or G3 + compliance mini sku

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