5 Things I Wish My Smartphone Could Do in the Summer

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Summer is coming to a close (sadly enough for some of us, and for others, it can’t end soon enough). This summer we experienced a few scorchers, days so hot, I literally thought I was going to literally melt. In those few moments when the circuitry of my brain actually did function, I imagined what our smartphones would be able to do in a futuristic world, beyond send messages, connect to the internet and make calls, especially during these dog days of summer.

1. Instant Air Conditioning

In between my car and the office, I would already start to perspire, even though it was less than a 100 yard walk. In those moments, it would have been ideal if my smartphone could blast some cool air on my face and neck.

2. Ice Cube Maker

It sure would be handy if my smartphone could pop out a few ice cubes especially if I was out and about with no access to cold water (that is, the cold water warmed up within an hour).

3. Cooling Pad Extraordinaire

I unfortunately live in an apartment that has no A/C, and then one night, our fan also broke. Let me tell you that was no fun. I barely survived the night, but what got me through was putting a cooling pad on my forehead. The downside is when it started to melt, and droplets of water started to run onto my pillow. Imagine if your smartphone could do that for you. Instant cooling. No mess.

4. Popsicle Dispenser

There’s no better way in the summer to cool down than with an ice cold Popsicle. I live on Popsicle during the summer. One day they will develop an app and you just press a button and out comes a Popsicle.

5. Inflatable Pool Pump

You know when you have an inflatable pool, but you don’t actually have the pump? And then it’s just too hot to figure out how to go about getting one…so you give up and no inflatable pool for you. What if you could connect your phone to the pool, and viola, it inflates? This is the way of the future.

Thanks for indulging in this somewhat frivolous post…this was satire for anyone who didn’t get it. I don’t actually need my smartphone to do any of these things. 🙂

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