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How are deleted message handled in the archive?

WhatsApp Archiver and Enterprise Number Archiver enable users to delete messages. Telemessage will again archive the deleted messages, with the new deleted status. In addition, for each deleted message TeleMessage … Read more

Blocking Calls From Your Phone

For iOS Phones Tap the info icon for the number to be blocked Tap the Block Number link Confirm your request For Android phones Tap the name associated with the ... Read more

Phone Number Replacement and Blocking Calls

TeleMessage provides customers only clean numbers (after they are kept in carrier inventory and monitored for 90 days and pass inspection that they are not spammed). Nevertheless, if you encounter … Read more

Limitations of URL Shortening Services

Because common publicly available URL shorteners  (such as bit.ly and tinyurl.com) are frequently used to launch spam campaigns, mobile operators have begun to stringently filter and block all messages using … Read more

Enterprise Number Archiver Signature Setup

The Enterprise Number Archiver (ENA) facilitates a variety of automated signature settings for message authorship and response. The different settings can be configured as per company policy and compliance requirements. … Read more

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