Android Accessibility Permissions for the Enterprise Number Archiver

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When the TeleMessage’s Enterprise Number Archiver does not receive incoming calls, you can perform the following steps:

Android 10 phones require accessibility permission to display incoming calls screen when the application is running in the background or it not running at all.  When the application is launched and the accessibility permissions are missing, it will disapply the accessibility pop-up. Tap OK

If you had previously tapped DON’T ASK ME AGAIN, the app will not support incoming calls. When the next time the app is launched, it will not show the pop-up again as not in the foreground. To restore the permission follow these steps:

  1. Open Android Settings, search for TeleMessage and select Accessibility
  2. Tap on TeleMessage.
  3. Toggle ON the button.
  4. OK the permission.
  5. That’s it. Incoming calls will work properly.


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