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SMS Fallback

SMS Fallback The Enterprise Number Capture server has a fallback option to send a message as an SMS in case the IP message was not received by the app. If ... Read more

Initiating a Call

Initiating a Call You can initiate a call in one of the following ways: Access the Calls section from the home screen: Select or search for a contact and tap ... Read more

Sharing Messages

Sharing Messages You can share messages with social media platforms or other apps on your mobile phone. To share messages: 1. Open a chat conversation. The messages are displayed in ... Read more

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings In Android devices, privacy settings allow you to choose to hide or display your contact's names in the archive. To set this: 1. In the CHATS/CALLS screen, tap ... Read more

Receiving a Call

Receiving a Call On an iOS device, when there is an incoming call, it is displayed in the iOS dialer app. You can choose to answer or decline the call. ... Read more

Refresing Contact List

Refresing Contact List Refreshing the contact list retrieves the latest contact information from the phone's address book and displays any changes or additions in the Enterprise Number Capture application. Refreshing ... Read more

Replying in a Thread

Replying in a Thread You can reply to individual messages in a thread. Open a chat conversation. The messages are displayed in the thread view. Initiate a long press on ... Read more

Selecting Multiple Bubbles

Selecting Multiple Bubbles In a chat conversation thread, you can select and manage multiple bubbles. Managing Multiple Bubbles in iOS Managing Multiple Bubbles in Android Managing Multiple Bubbles in iOS ... Read more

Sending a Message

Sending a Message You can send messages to any contact in their address book that contains a phone number. For recipients without the application, the message is delivered as an ... Read more

Quick Text

Quick Text You can add preconfigured text message templates, called quick text, in the Enterprise Number Capture app. The quick texts can also be edited and deleted. Quick Text in ... Read more
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