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Managing Groups

Managing Groups The Enterprise Number Archiver app allows you to create user groups. Groups are helpful in sending the same message to a set of users. Creating New Groups Viewing ... Read more

Sending a Message

Sending a Message You can send messages to any contact in their address book that contains a phone number. For recipients without the application, the message is delivered as an ... Read more

Managing Auto-Reply Messages

Managing Auto-Reply Messages To set auto-reply (default is "Always send"): Go to Settings > Chats > Auto-Reply (iOS)                            ... Read more

Adding a Contact

Adding a Contact You can add new contacts to the Enterprise Number Archiver app. Adding a Contact in Android Adding a Contact in Android To add a new contact in ... Read more

Managing Messages

Managing Messages The Chats screen of the application displays the list of recipients with whom you have started chatting. The last active conversation appears at the top. That Chats screen ... Read more

Quick Text

Quick Text You can add preconfigured text message templates, called quick text, in the Enterprise Number Archiver app. The quick texts can also be edited and deleted. Quick Text in ... Read more

Android Settings

Android Settings The calls and contacts settings described here are applicable only to Android devices. Call Settings Contacts Settings Call Settings You can configure the Enterprise Number Archiver app to ... Read more

Creating a New Broadcast Channel

Create a Broadcast in iOS Create a Broadcast in Android Create a Broadcast in iOS Tap the new chat icon to open the New Message window. Tap New Broadcast. 3. ... Read more
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