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Security Settings

Security Settings You can secure your authentication to the Enterprise Number Archiver app through one of the following features: 6-digit PIN code Security question (hint) Touch ID or Face ID ... Read more

Backup Settings

Backup Settings You can back up your chat conversations, calls, and settings to your iCloud or Google Drive account on you iOS or Android device respectively. The backed up data ... Read more

Media Sharing

Media Sharing You can share the following media files as attachments on the Enterprise Number Archiver app: Images Videos Quick text Documents Contact information Signature Location Note When sharing media ... Read more


Signature A signature is a personalized block of text that is appended to a message. Appending a signature to messages increases the character count of the message. The signature is ... Read more

Blocked Numbers

Blocked Numbers You can block messages and calls from specific numbers. To block number(s): Access the Setting screen on the Enterprise Number Archiver app. Tap Blocked Numbers. All blocked numbers ... Read more

Message Notification

Message Notification When you receive a message, you see a notification in your phone's notification panel. If the message contains an attachment, the notification has information about the message sender ... Read more

Signing In to the App

Signing In to the App Sign In With a New Number Sign In to an Existing Account Sign In on iOS Devices Sign In on Android Devices Sign In With ... Read more

Blocking Unwanted Numbers

Blocking Unwanted Numbers You can block numbers of unwanted callers. If you have received a voicemail from an unwanted caller, tap on the number in the voicemail bubble and select ... Read more

Creating New Groups

Create Group in iOS Create Group in Android Create Group in iOS 1. Tap the new chat icon to open the New Message window. 2. Tap New Group. 3. Enter ... Read more

SMS Fallback

SMS Fallback The Enterprise Number Archiver server has a fallback option to send a message as an SMS in case the IP message was not received by the app. If ... Read more
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