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How to extract low level logs from an iOS device using a Mac

Method A to extract logs from iOS WPA Mac instructions: Download from Unzip directory Open terminal and navigate into unzipped directory run command “chmod 777 *” run “./idevicesyslog” Approve Several … Read more

Capturing Native Call Recording

1. Overview  TeleMessage Android Archiver application supports devices with native call recording. The calls are recorded into a dedicated folder on the phone. The Android Archiver applications needs to configure the calls folder location on the device. The app will try to locate ... Read more

How to configure Android Archiver to Send Logs

To configure Android Archiver to Send Logs Launch Android Archiver Application and Tap the Settings (gear) icon Tap Send Logs Tap SEND Logs will now be forwarded to TeleMessage Support.

Forwarding the WhatsApp Phone Archiver Log

Forwarding of activity logs can be performed by several methods, depending on the Archiver App activation and subsequent PIN validation stages. Before activation, from within the App settings: iOS Android ... Read more
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