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TeleMessage has been named a RegTech100 leader for 2022!

With great pleasure and pride, we announce TeleMessage, a leading provider of mobile archiving and messaging products, is listed again on the RegTech100 for 2022!

TeleMessage is pleased to be part of RegTech100, providing the best messaging solutions for regulation, risk management, or cybersecurity. As a result of our continued innovation, leading products, growth in mobile recording, and expanding customer base, TeleMessage was classified as a RegTech leader.

RegTech100 for 2022

RegTech or Regulatory Technology is the application of innovative technologies to enhance the way firms comply with different regulatory compliances, including mobile compliance. Regulatory bodies need to update the compliance rules with changing circumstances to protect the industries from cyber threats and possible employee misconduct. For example, the work behavior changes in the recent COVID-19 pandemic and updates for privacy policies of instant messaging apps. RegTech companies help businesses manage evolving compliance requirements by providing smart solutions based on emerging technologies like cloud computing, AI, and Blockchain.

The RegTech100 companies are recognized as the most innovative RegTech companies worldwide, selected annually by a panel of industry experts and RegTech analysts. All financial institutions need to know about these companies with this valuable recognition. The RegTech100 Advisory board and RegTech analysts considered several factors in selecting the final list of companies. The factors include:

  • The significance of the industry problem RegTech companies trying to solve
  • Innovation of the technology solutions
  • Cost savings
  • Improvements in efficiency and revenue
  • Growth of capitals and customer traction

The 2022 list has been updated with companies recognized as “the next generation of solution providers shaping the future of compliance, risk management, information security, and financial crime prevention.” The RegTech100 2022 list helps financial firms evaluate which companies can provide lasting solutions for the industry.



TeleMessage’ contribution for RegTech

TeleMessage is a RegTech100 company that addresses challenges companies face in achieving mobile compliance. We have enabled many regulated companies to use popular instant messaging solutions such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, and Telegram and mass recording solutions while staying compliant with industry regulations. Our products are easy to set up, and communication and archived data will be secured with encryption eliminating cyber security threats.

TeleMessage supports various financial regulatory bodies and compliance policies such as SEC, SFC, FINRA, and MiFID II. TeleMessage’s Enterprise Mobile Archiver is an innovative, centralized, and unified solution that supports recording and archiving mobile communications.  It can capture voice calls, SMS, and MMS messages exchanged using corporate and BYOD. All mobile messages are archived with full mobile message metadata and employee details. The organizations can retain the records according to the data retention requirements and provide seamless and efficient search processing for eDiscovery requests. Some of the featured products of TeleMessage includes:

  • WhatsApp Capture – Let’s organizations capture and archive all employee communications through WhatsApp, including texts, multimedia messages, files, and calls..
  • WeChat Capture – Allows regulated employees to communicate over WeChat using WeChat Work ( WeCom ) app while archiving all employee WeChat communications; including texts, multimedia messages, documents, files and calls.
  • Telegram Capture – Use the native Telegram features and interfaces to communicate with others, or open unlimited channels while recording all Telegram app communication over chats, secret chats and channels.
  • Signal Capture – Users the Signal app and protocols for the most private and secure communication experience. While maintaining compliance and archiving requirements of regulated firms.
  • Network Carrier Capture – Help companies capture messages directly from mobile carrier networks. A copy of the messages captured will be sent to the archiver. It is useful when organizations allow only existing corporate-owned, feature, and legacy phones.
  • Android Capture – solution for archiving SMS, MMS, and voice call for Android phones using a lightweight agent that runs in the background. The agent forwards the captured records to the TeleMessage archiver, and this solution is secured with end-to-end encryption.
  • Enterprise Number Capture – Enables using two phone numbers in one device associated with an app to separate personal private and business messages. It captures business-related chat and voice calls using the enterprise number provided.
  • Voice Call Capture – Record and archive your native mobile calls by routing all your incoming and outgoing calls via our recording server and receiving them on an app.

In a world that shifts towards remote working, regulated firms often require employees to use BYOD and instant messaging solutions. The challenge firms now have allowed such methods while ensuring that they meet new communication compliance requirements related to remote working. As a company that always stays up to date and provides innovative solutions, TeleMessage is always there for firms that need secure mobile archiving solutions, helping them adapt to changing regulations. We help prevent financial crimes, data leaks, and other cyber threats. Our expanding customer base is the best example of our value and potential.

We take this opportunity to thank our valued employees for their commitment to providing the best services to our clients and the RegTech100 Advisory Board and Analysts for recognizing our valuable contributions towards mobile compliance and preventing financial crimes and cyber security. Also, we thank our loyal customers for trusting us and being with us throughout this journey, and we think this achievement would never be possible without our clients.

About TeleMessage

TeleMessage is widely recognized as an innovative messaging leader providing enterprises and mobile operators with mobility solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies. Founded in 1999, TeleMessage has been helping organizations of all sizes across industries, including financial services, government, healthcare and network carriers globally to leverage the power of the mobile channel with our robust communications platform. The TeleMessage products portfolio includes: Mobile Archiver, Secure Enterprise Messaging and Mass Messaging. For more information, visit:


For TeleMessage:
Joy Deep
Digital Marketing Manager

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